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silver half dollar with ticket


At the beginning of each meeting everyone, members and guests alike, are given a ticket for a chance to win a free door prize. After the door prize is awarded a club member number is drawn and a silver Standing Liberty quarter dollar is awarded to the lucky member if that person is in attendance. If not present, the silver quarteris added to the next meetings drawing. Members have been known to walk away with 6 or 7 silver quarters just for showing up!

show and tell ticket SHOW and TELL

Show and Tell is open to everyone and each participant gets a ticket for a prize drawn at the conclusion of this portion of the meeting as a token of appreciation for sharing. If you don’t know much about an item it’s often worth it just to “show” it for its likely someone present will be able to tell you all about it!

gold coins PRIZE DRAWING

Tickets are available during the break for prizes awarded at the close of each meeting. The prizes are a combination of US 1 oz. Eagles, Morgan, or Peace dollars, depending on the club's budget and membership participation. Once a year (Holiday Party) we also have an “all gold” prize drawing which consists of an appropriate number of mexican gold 2 pesos coins.

auction gavel AUCTION

An auction of coins, currency and exonumia items is held at each meeting. Bidding is open to all, however only members may consign items for sale. The club does not charge entrance or final values fees and all proceeds go to the consignor, unless designated as a club donation. Unless otherwise stated all bidding starts at $1.00 and bidders are asked to refrain from using large denomination notes to pay for small ticket items. Juniors are invited to act as “runners” (delivering items, accepting payments & returning change) and are given a coin, such as a buffalo nickel or an Indian head cent, as a token of appreciation for this valuable service to the club. For a new young collector, this is a great way to acquire common date coins for their collections, in addition to being able to closely examine auction items and observe different bidding techniques. Being a runner can be a great learning experience for a young collector.

microphone GUEST SPEAKER

The Fremont Coin Club is fortunate to have guest speakers occasionally on a wide variety of subjects and each speaker is given a certificate of appreciation. New speakers are encouraged and greatly appreciated. If you would like to share your knowledge with others please consider volunteering. Due to time restraints, most speakers are only allowed up to 20 minutes per presentation and only one speaker is allowed per meeting.


Aside from guest speakers we often have other special and fun activities during our meetings such as hot dog night, ice cream socials or our annual bar-b-que, to name a few. One of the most interesting meetings is “other hobbies” night when everyone is encouraged to bring a sample or two and tell us what else they collect, aside from coins and currency. It’s amazing what people collect and we love hearing about it. And let’s face it, the more people who know you collect it, the faster your collection can grow - coin or otherwise!

If you’re interested in coins, or wish to learn more about the hobby, we welcome you to attend our club meetings.